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Multiply Workshop Value

Make bingeable, shareable and on-demand content without video editing skills

Unlock Lasting Engagement

Create a collection of short, evergreen content automatically

Effortlessly Boost Discoverability

Amplify viral moments across all platforms automatically 

Build Loyal Community

Produce powerful community-building resources like blogs, newsletters and social media posts automatically

Unlock the Evergreen
Potential of Your Curriculum

Make your workshops bingeable, shareable
and on-demand without a video editor

Let’s unlock the potential of your existing content library and enhance your educational offerings.

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Streamline Video Repurposing

Create a collection of shareable content from every workshop without a video editor or copywriter

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Value Production + Adding

Create a Goldmine From Forgotten Content

Discover the dormant value in your overlooked content, turning it into a treasure trove of captivating, shareable, and high-value assets.

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Use cases:

Transform Long-Form Content:

Breathe new life into your webinars and long-form content by turning them into an easily accessible library of bite-sized videos, tailored to meet founders' needs and enhance their learning experience.

Generate Engaging Written Content:

Effortlessly convert your webinars into blog posts, newsletters, and LinkedIn posts to build and nurture your community, while showcasing your accelerator's thought leadership and expertise.

Maximize Event Promotion with CliqCreate:

Combine the power of CliqCreate to elevate your event experience, allowing attendees to instantly generate and share captivating content about your event, driving engagement and amplifying your event's reach in real-time.


Reinforce Learning On-Demand

Reduce repeat conversations by providing founders with short video resources that reinforce learning and answer questions at their point-of-need


Market Your Program Consistently

Boost your program's visibility by marketing learnings across platforms. Shareable content showcases your value and attracts top talent.

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~ Feature Breakdown ~

Clip Generation

Effortlessly generates captivating, bite-sized clips from long-form content for enhanced shareability and engagement on social media.

Vertical Aspect Ratio

Creates content optimized for mobile viewing by using vertical aspect ratios.

Dynamic Captions

Generates accurate, time-synced captions automatically, boosting accessibility and viewer engagement.

Video Titles & Summaries

Creates engaging titles and summaries for your videos, boosting discoverability and viewer interest.

Social Media Captions & Twitter Threads

Creates captivating captions and Twitter threads for enhanced social media engagement.

Blogs & newsletters

Craft informative blogs and newsletters from your content to nurture your audience and build community.

"Cliq enhances accelerator content accessibility and evergreen appeal, enabling founders to engage when needed. This reinforces learning, boosts engagement, and improves program discoverability – aligning with funding objectives and impactful program delivery."

Nafis Ahmed | Entrepreneurship Manager – Representative YSpace


In essence, we help you:

  • Streamline your content strategy.

  • Enhance your educational offerings with digestible videos and point-of-need learning.

  • Amplify the value and influence of your existing program content and past recordings.

  • Transform webinar sessions into powerful educational and marketing assets

Our commitment to collaborative growth

Together, we will celebrate our partnership with joint announcements and promotions, enjoy shared value through our unique referral code system, and expand the impact of your educational resources with mutual content promotion.

Empowering Accelerators:

Success Stories from Our Partners

Cliq breathes new life into accelerator content, transforming it into an evergreen resource that founders can tap into whenever inspiration strikes, magnifying the impact of our meticulously crafted curriculum.
Julia Keys
Program manager
Harnessing the power of Cliq, we elevate the learning experience within our program by boosting engagement, enhancing discoverability, and solidifying our commitment to shaping the future of innovation through accessible knowledge.
Richard Durgan
Cliq enables us to break the mold, weaving together marketing and learning in a way that captivates founders and amplifies the influence of our programs, driving us to the forefront of entrepreneurial success.
Pete Anderson
Heart Officer


Key Benefits of Partnering with Cliq

Empower Founders & Boost Engagement

Offer busy founders easily digestible, searchable, and shareable content that can be consumed on-demand, enhancing engagement and satisfaction.

Amplified Impact & Inclusive Education

Extend the reach of your existing content, fostering an inclusive, vibrant high-tech economy built on democratized education for all entrepreneurs and innovators.

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Powerful Program Promotion & Evergreen Content

Showcase your accelerator's expertise and create a content strategy that remains relevant over time, attracting top talent and boosting your reputation.

Exclusive Partner Benefits & Comprehensive Solutions

Maximize the value of our services with a tailored discount, additional perks, and comprehensive repurposing solutions for Accelerator Partners.

Ready to revolutionize your accelerator's content strategy?

Join us in our mission to democratize education for all entrepreneurs and innovators. Embrace the power of your recorded content and provide founders with the accessible and evergreen knowledge they need.

Unlock a New Realm of Possibilities

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