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Throughout my early career as a developer and product manager, I constantly felt that owning new technology development was something that could.


How do I get started?

Unleash the OneCliq magic by simply tapping on the 'Start for free' button and take advantage of our 7 day unlimited access.

Can I use OneCliq on mobile?

Our platform only works on desktop, it is not optimized on mobile devices and will not work. Please create your account, verify your email, and use all of OneCliq's amazing features on desktop only.

How many clips and written content can be made?

That is dependent on the length and content of your video, for e.g from an hour long video it can generate anything between 30-45 shorts depending on the content and written content for all platforms, for each clip it creates.

What kind of videos can I upload?

OneCliq works best on long videos -- at least 5 minutes in length. In order for our AI to work it's magic the video needs to include dialogue.

What are the requirements for videos?

Your video must be less than 2GB in size. Feel free to upload the following formats from either YouTube, Google, or your device: MP4, MOV, MP3, and WAV.

Do you have a free trial?

Yes! UNLIMITED minutes, completely free. 🎉  This is your chance to try it out and see for yourself why so many creators swear by it. And if for any reason you don't love it, you can opt-out risk-free.

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