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Turn videos into magnetic moments that attract & captivate your demographic.

With Just One Cliq, Create a Tidal Wave of Engagement

Maximize Your Content's Reach:

Open up fresh avenues for reaching and engaging with new demographics on social.

Boost Engagement Effortlessly:

Grab attention and boost user engagement, enhancing your brand’s online presence.

Significant Cost Savings:

Cut production costs more than 10 times the cost of a traditional editor.

Marketing Content

Say goodbye to hours spent brainstorming new content ideas.

Cliq harnesses the power of your existing videos and effortlessly transforms them into a fresh supply of compelling clips for your social media campaigns.

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Unleash Engagement Like Never Before

Our AI meticulously scans your videos for those catch-your-breath moments, the ones that can skyrocket user engagement and provide a meaningful connection with your audience.

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Value Production + Adding

Optimize Your Existing Resources

Cliq empowers you to tap into your existing content, providing an opportunity to revisit and repurpose your work in fresh, exciting ways.

Cliq Generated Modules

Working smart

Cutting Costs, Not Corners

~ Feature Breakdown ~

Clip Generation

Effortlessly generates captivating, bite-sized clips from long-form content for enhanced shareability and engagement on social media.

Vertical Aspect Ratio

Creates content optimized for mobile viewing by using vertical aspect ratios.

Dynamic Captions

Generates accurate, time-synced captions automatically, boosting accessibility and viewer engagement.

Video Titles & Summaries

Creates engaging titles and summaries for your videos, boosting discoverability and viewer interest.

Social Media Captions & Twitter Threads

Creates captivating captions and Twitter threads for enhanced social media engagement.

Blogs & newsletters

Craft informative blogs and newsletters from your content to nurture your audience and build community.

Cliq elevates the accessibility and longevity of marketing content, empowering marketers to engage their audience effectively whenever necessary. This strengthens brand recall, enhances audience engagement, and improves content discoverability - aligning with marketing objectives and delivering impactful campaigns.

Emanuel Tsiris | Entrepreneur – Head of Marketing


Empowering Marketers:

Success Stories from Our Partners

Cliq revitalizes marketing content, transforming it into a perennial asset that marketers can leverage whenever creativity sparks, amplifying the effectiveness of our carefully designed promotional strategies.
Julia Keys
Program manager
Leveraging the capabilities of Cliq, we uplift the marketing impact within our campaigns by amplifying engagement, improving content discoverability, and reinforcing our dedication to molding the future of brand promotion through accessible and enticing content.
Richard Durgan
Cliq empowers us to redefine the marketing landscape, intertwining promotional strategies and audience engagement in a way that captivates our target demographics. This amplifies the reach of our campaigns, propelling us to the forefront of marketing success.
Pete Anderson
Heart Officer

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