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AI that gets you. Your content sounds like you wrote it – because it’s your voice.

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Time is money. Craft on-brand content lightning-fast and watch engagement soar.

Nail your content goals without breaking a sweat.

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Free for 7 days. No credit card.

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Hear from the pros who’ve transformed their content game:

"I’ll never run out of content"

We’ve curated an abundance of content over the years, and we’re constantly striving to share the best moments from our workshops. With Cliq, we can generate an endless amount of clips relevant to our founders within minutes.
nafis ahmed
Nafis Ahmed
Entrepreneurship Manager, YSpace

“Time is a huge commodity for me”

You know when you say you wish you could duplicate yourself to get more done? Cliq does just that! My one piece of content is magically transformed into hundreds of variations that I can use across my communication stack!
Jennifer Crowley
Marketing Director, eQuo

"It captures my authentic voice"

I was blown away by Cliq’s ability to understand and capture my personal tone of voice and unique writing style. No more spending hours manually editing and reformatting, Cliq does it all for me. It's like having a personal assistant.
Nico Sommers
Product Designer, Siker

Grow on social media, fast.

83% of Video Creators & Businesses Confirm: Content Repurposing Fuels Rapid Expansion

Seize control of your online growth

#1 - Create,
Don't Manage:

Channel your energy into content creation rather than getting bogged down by editing and management.

#2 - Captivate Viewers Everywhere:

Connect with your audience on the platforms of your choice, engaging them everywhere and leaving a lasting impression.

#3 - Expand Across Platforms with Ease:

Effortlessly broaden your reach across multiple platforms, unlocking new opportunities for growth & success.


What does Cliq do?

Cliq is like a magic wand for content creation 🔮. It helps you turn a single piece of content into hundreds of shareable assets 💥, saving you time and effort while expanding the reach and performance of your content.


With Cliq, you can effortlessly extract value from your content and intelligently re-use, recycle, and repurpose it to create an elite content creation machine 🤖🔥.

How do I get started?

Unleash the Cliq magic by simply tapping on the Start Free button and witness the mind-blowing power of content repurposing!

What types of videos can I upload?

From hilarious cat videos to awe-inspiring vlogs, our content repurposing engine eagerly awaits any file, YouTube link or Google Drive Link. Just remember, longer videos work better!

How much micro-content can you make from one video?

Prepare to be amazed as our content repurposing mechanism works tirelessly to extract every possible gem, ensuring you never miss a single moment! 


Cliq goes above and beyond by generating compelling written content alongside the micro videos for each and every video.

How does Cliq save time and money?

Cliq can save you hours of time and effort by automating the heavy lifting of content creation and repurposing. It can also generate multiple resources from a single video, including shorter clips and text-based content such as blogs and tweets 📝, to improve the sustainability, discoverability, accessibility, and shareability of your content.


This can ultimately save you money by reducing the time and resources needed to create and distribute your content. Plus, you'll have more time to do what you love, like petting puppies 🐶 or eating tacos 🌮.

How does Cliq generate content in a unique tone?

Cliq AI tools analyze and transcribe your video, identify key points and themes 💡, and generate relevant titles, descriptions, and thumbnails for written content using your personalized unique tone of voice. This allows you to communicate your brand's unique voice and create content that engages your audience in a way that feels authentic to your brand 🌟. No more boring, generic content for you!

What features does Cliq offer for social media success?

Cliq offers a range of AI-powered features to help you maximize your social media presence 📈, including streamlined native content creation, optimization for multiple social platforms, a wide range of written and video content types, an all-in-one content editor and dashboard 📊, and automated workflow management.


These features can help you generate perfectly tailored native content for any platform, ensure that your content stands out and performs well on every platform you use 🚀, and simplify the content creation process by providing everything you need in one place 🌟. You'll be a social media superstar in no time!

How can Cliq help me repurpose and distribute my content?

Cliq's AI tools can help you intelligently repurpose and distribute your video and text-based assets for maximum engagement and value. With Cliq, you can publish more consistently, deliver insights and thought leadership across every channel, and generate high-performing content that resonates with your audience 📈.


You can also use Cliq to automate your workflows and improve your results over time through consistent platform use 💪. And all this without breaking a sweat 💦!

Is there a free trial available for Cliq?

We're happy to announce that Cliq is now offering a free trial where you can experience the magic of content repurposing with UNLIMITED minutes, completely free. 🎉 


This is your chance to try it out and see for yourself why it's the content creation equivalent of potato chips - you can't just have one.

So go ahead and give Cliq a try, we promise you won't be disappointed! 🤞 And if for any reason you don't love it, you can opt-out risk-free.

But beware, once you start creating content with Cliq, you may find yourself unable to stop! 😅 Use at your own risk.

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