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We’ve curated an abundance of content over the years, and we’re constantly striving to share the best moments from our workshops. With Cliq, we can generate an endless amount of clips relevant to our founders within minutes.
You know when you say you wish you could duplicate yourself to get more done? Cliq does just that! My one piece of content is magically transformed into hundreds of variations that I can use across my communication stack!
I've always valued the uniqueness of my voice. OneCliq not only understands it but amplifies it, ensuring every piece of content resonates just as I intended.
I have tons of hour-long recordings from our workshop sessions. Before, I'd watch them to find good snippets for our socials. I put the videos in Cliq and it saved me so much time - we’re gushing over it! Safe to say we love it...

Our Leadership Team

We all have one thing in common: we come from the DIRT and we will stop at nothing to bring this vision to life. 🙂
Nathan Knight
Tanika Mcleod
Emanuel Tsiris
Head of Marketing
Saina Sefidbahkt
Head of Product
Sina Shaloudegi
Head of Technology
Mike Ashie
In house creator
Carmelia Ray
Head of gtm Growth
Reza Heydari
FrontEnd Developer
Shadi Barazandeh
Backend Developer
Ryan Kabrit
QA Engineer
Raina Patel
ui/ux dESIGNER

What drives us

Delusional Optimism
To achieve something unimaginable, you must believe the impossible.
Unrelenting Determination
Our superpower is never giving up.
Happy Resilience
Being willing to get punched in the face again… with a smile.
Radical Love
Love all Beings. Accept all Beings. We all just wanna Be.
Customer = King
It's all about deep connections, loyalty, and unwavering support.
Relentless Innovation
Revolutionize the world of content creation daily through OneCliq.

Our team members  span around the world

Toronto, ON
Our main headquarters
Vancouver, BC
A few of our members are out west
Tehran, Iran
A handful are in Iran

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